Monday, 16 April 2012

Nah, thats me AGAIN!

Hey Hey, 
Hello guys!

Again, this is my second blog. Guess what for creating this new blog? Believe it or not,  i have to create a new blog for my assignments. Quiet interesting right? Yeah, for those who already has personal blog may share their knowledge to others and the new bloggers, we are welcoming you all to learn new things. For sure, I'm not famous blogger like Ayeem Ayam, Innanie Ariifin and not to forget, the Big Bro is blogger world, Ben Ashaari. Maybe, this time I have to be quiet formal, as we know this blog is for my ICT assignments. So, we'll se, how far i'm going to be a nerd and formal blogger, hahaha :P

Thats it for now!

See ya!